Current Projects:

Overall goal of this project: Empower and affect change to improve our community for future generations. Provide high-quality early childhood parent support to all families. The purpose of the “100 Cups of Coffee” Welcoming All Babies interviews are to:
  • Inform Early Learning systems about parenting experiences in non-white communities.
  • Collect and share information about existing resources, which could be the interviewees themselves, and/or resources the interviewees share.
  • Build collaborative relationships in non-white communities.
  • Invite diverse people with lived experiences into leadership to shape/improve those services.
  • Supplement and support a path to more early childhood professionals of color.
  • Provide assessment and evaluation data for the Early Learning system of practice.


Access Project

Watch a video, made by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN Foundation, about the Thrive Access Project. The goal of the Access Project is: Building relationships across cultures to expand access to resources and supports in the early intervention system for immigrant and refugee children ages birth to five and their families.