Thrive Central MN is a collaboration of organizations and community members who have a shared mission and vision. Our goals are:

  1. Increase public awareness about infant and early childhood mental health
  2. Promote a whole family and collaborative service delivery system
  3. Provide or promote professional development and reflective practice opportunities
  4. Expand our geographical impact
  5. Enhance diversity throughout leadership, professionals working with families, and our community through the advancement of antiracist policies and practices.

Thrive Central MN has an Executive Team that acts as a leadership group to hold the vision and help direct the projects and monthly meetings. There is a Core Team that includes representatives from a variety of disciplines and organizations in the area. There is always an open invitation for any person or agency who supports our mission to join the Core Team.

Supportive agencies include: Milestones, Reach Up Inc, First Steps Central MN, District 742 Early Childhood Family Education and Early Intervention, District 47 Early Childhood Family Education, Benton Stearns Education District, Crisis Nursery, African Women’s Alliance, Public Health, CentraCare, Ellison Center, The Village Family Services, Therapy Works, Central MN Mental Health Center, Creative Connections, Lighthouse Family Services, Anna Marie’s Alliance, Great River Children’s Museum, and the Initiative Foundation

Infant and Early Childhood:

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health goes across a continuum from prevention to intervention. These are the levels of supports we can offer.
  • Promotion/Prevention- Services and opportunities available to young children, families, and communities about overall mental health wellness.
  • Early Intervention Services – Services and opportunities for young children and their families who present behavioral concerns or are at risk for mental health concerns.
  • Interventions – Services and opportunities for young children and families with initial mental health diagnoses.
  • Intensive Interventions – Services and opportunities for young children and families with severe mental health issues who qualify for mental health diagnosis and who do not function well in their environments.